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Oh the memories // pip, georgia and scout

"in memory of tree collapse 2008-09"


Siena 2011

The ambience: Pavarotti singing this lovely song,  grey Saturday morning skies, hot tea piping away in the kitchen, a full house. We decorated the tree yesterday. It's always a nostalgic few minutes unwrapping all of the ornaments you forgot about, the classic favorites, the new one for the year - to put it somewhere on the tree. It was such a lovely morning. So I snapped a few pictures of some of my favorite ornaments...

I think the funniest one(s) are the tree collapse ornaments. Yes, more than one. We had this odd unlucky streak from about 2006-2009 where every single year, the tree would fall down. On people. One time it happened to me. We were having a nice get together, probably enjoying egg nog or mulled wine or hot chocolate, and I was sitting right in front of the tree. All of a sudden I felt this pressure of cold, prickly needles pushing into my back - and boom! It went down. A few nondescript ornaments broke - thankfully none of the good ones - and we created another ornament to document the disaster. It was hilarious. And we had about 15 people to un-deocrate the tree and drag it to the curb - no effort needed on our part whatsoever!

As you can see I love the ornaments I've picked up from around - Siena a favorite, as well as the beach-themed Hatteras and Outer Banks ones. We usually pick up our ornaments in the summer, store away for safekeeping, and then put it on the tree 6 months later. I love it. This year's newest ornament  is from NASA, which my mom and sister visited earlier in the month. cool :)

Do you have any tree traditions? ciao, xo