Hello! :) I'm Taylor. Welcome to my creative space, A. Taylor Studio! I am a creative from Pennsylvania with a love for calligraphy and design. A. Taylor Studio is my creative space, blog, and portfolio to showcase my work in calligraphy and lifestyle photography. 

Established in 2015, A. Taylor Studio focuses on incorporating modern calligraphy into local weddings and events.  I have worked with several brides from the greater Philadelphia area to create sophisticated custom signs, glass wares, envelopes, place cards, gifts, invitations, and accessories. My business is small, home-grown, and genuine. Simply, I want to your wedding to be everything you can imagine. If calligraphy will add that elegant, modern and ethereal touch, then I am all about working with you to achieve your vision.

I have an eternal love for art, all things bright, thunderstorms, lattes, outdoor showers, adjectives, penne arrabbiata, fresh cut flowers, summer bonfires, red wine, dogs, the color blue, hats, Harry Potter, the smell of lavender, exclamation points, shipwrecks, the Italian language, classic movies, and history.




I am a self-taught artist - I have taken art classes from as early as I can remember, and I am always seeking ways to develop my talent. My creative path has ranged from oil painting to watercolors to photography to calligraphy. Growing into my hobbies has taught me that I crave artistic challenges and learning new techniques to improve my work and skills. I deeply believe in practice, consistency, and overcoming the obsession with perfection.

First and foremost, I want to help brides and clients reach the goals for the creative aspect of their big day. I don't think creativity has to be secretive, competitive, or exorbitantly priced. When working on a client's project, I focus on consistency, quality, and diligence. 

I also document the creative process behind my work, along with other fun moments featuring lifestyle photography that I ocassionally capture on the side. Follow along and enjoy your stay!