finding motivation in the cold

Okay - being totally honest - just came back from my first run in over a month and a half.  yikes.  Of course I've lost the gains and the cold makes it super hard to transition - seeing as the last run outdoors I took, it was probably a perfect 68 degrees. But it actually wasn't as bad as I thought. My time needs a little work but even more so, I desperately need to find ways to get back out there! I find that the cold gear is not only desirable, but necessary - I am wearing two nice layers of cold gear that actually did a great job keeping me warm. I had on a cheap black beanie, leggings and socks (that you'd probably laugh at) and sneaks.

So, for one, the gear itself motivates me - if I am wearing it I really shouldn't have any excuses. Another good thing is to stretch a lot beforehand. And granted, my run was short, but I think it worked!

How do you find motivation to run in the cold? I am annoying even myself with excuses ("it's dark out! it's too cold!").