Shop-Small Gift Ideas

Shop-Small Gift Ideas

Our Christmas this year will be very modest, seeing as we’re renovating our house. But it is always fun to throw together a little gift guide! I really do like to support small business, and these are a few of the artisans I have been eyeing up lately. Some of the products are selfishly listed on here as items I would love to have myself!

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scenes from christmas

I think these photos really do quite a nice job of summing up the past two nights. Christmas this year was lovely. Long and quiet, cozy and warm. Maybe a little too warm (we ended up turning off the heat during our party - with the fire going, people buzzing and everything is got

so hot

inside). As I write this, it is the afternoon of the 25th and  I am about halfway through #2 viewing of A Christmas Story on TBS (yes!!!). We're relaxing after a productive morning. My mom and I made about 8 lbs of homemade spaghetti- then another 2lbs of fettuccine - and we are going to enjoy it immensely tonight! I love this very Italian tradition; it makes you appreciate the amount of work put into it. Everyone is home, the tree is the focal point of the room, and the kitchen smells great. I am really so lucky to be spending it this way!

Part of me can't even believe it actually is Christmas - and a year will have to go by before we have it here again. Even though that feels so long, the wait is worth it - and there is so much to look forward to. I have to admit, even though I love my hot summers, you can't replicate the feeling of a cold winters' night with hot chocolate, a roaring fire, sweaters, and enjoying the company of family around you.

How was your Christmas?

ciao, xo