please send this along to santa

Last week I posted gifts for friends and family, and today I am posting some items I myself am hoping for. Some I already purchased myself - is that okay? Anyway, I have a few things that I have been wanting for a while - but above items, I really want to regain the strides I made in running this year (and have since stopped :( ugh) by joining a gym to beat the cold. Beeeeesides that...I am hoping for some makeup. I'm finally buying grown-up makeup and loving the difference (there is a difference). I use drugstore stuff all the time, but slowly I am adding little splurge items. Next are some accessories: black suede boots and a black felt hat (I've had my eye on for a while!).  I also am in desperate need of a new wallet, hopefully one of a punchy color so that I can find it inside a bag (that's a trick my mom always told me to follow). Kate Spade wallets are exactly that punch of bright, and big enough without being clunky. Lastly, some sweaters, fuzzy socks, and cozy clothes are always something I add to my list. LOFT has some great choices right now, which I'll list below. I also want some date time with S and my friends (preferably over coffee or a dinner table somewhere). :)


Kate Spade Wallet

- brights, please!

2. Ray Ban Aviators - a classic; I


the look but could never decide whether I wanted the lenses to be really dark, almost opaque - or a sheer brownish. I think I'm going with the black (for winter at least!)

3. Coffee dates galore with the people I love! - (see my coffee diaries series for some of my favorite local cafes)


Adrienne Vittadini boot

- I love how high the boot hits the knee, and the suede adds a nice finish...not sure about the chunky heel, but I remember trying these on and loving them.

5. A floppy black hat like this one from 



6. LOFT has the best sweaters out now! I am obseeeessed with cowl 

this one.

7. Chanel makeup - which I feel sort of guilty about because it is just so indulgent - but it is such amazing quality. I loved the 

waterproof eye pencil

 which I tried at a trial and also the rich, poppy-hued 

rouge allure velvet lipstick

. Absolutely obsessed!

what is on your list? ciao, xoooo!