My Vintage Typewriter

My Vintage Typewriter

There wasn’t a distinct moment when I decided I wanted a typewriter, but I’ve always imagined typing my memoirs on a vintage 1950s Underwood. I have an appreciation for these odd types of things, and I think it stems from the typewriter I’d “play” with as a kid in my grandfather’s basement. Now that I have my own, I wanted to introduce it to the world of A. Taylor Studio…

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Spring Goals

1. go on a mini road trip. this is the next destination: long island.  I am so pumped because it's looking like it is going to be a girls' weekend sometime at the end of march - YESSS! i can't wait to see all things long island-y. We are visiting Sagamore Hill (to satisfy my inner history buff), the coastal towns, maybe Fire Island and maybe, just maybe, we will make it up to the Hamptons.

2. shoot three outfit posts with spring-inspired looks and locales! I have picked up some amazing finds from UO, Anthro, and Banana lately...need to style and shoot those soon as it gets warmer!

3. keep up with the fit bit. this is my newest obsession! S got me a Fitbit for Valentine's Day and it is the best. thing. ever.

I love competing with him for the most steps (he happens to be winning this week)...but it helps to notice the not-so-obvious things, like peak heart rate and amount of water I drink (see #9). I love it and how aware I now am of my movements. If anything, it makes me want to work out and move. I am hoping that sticks!

4. build the portfolio by adding 2 more portrait sessions before july.  I am thinking one city shoot and one field shoot.

5. get back into the smoothie routine (and add protein).

6.  find a new cafe to add to the coffee diaries!

7. invest in a new prime lens. I bought (and returned) a macro lens last summer and I have regretted getting rid of it. It was awesome.  I am looking for a macro lens for super closeups, especially with a lower aperture, to capture really beautiful.

8. practice the art of calligraphy. I have dabbled with it for years, as a hobby, but I would love to get more accustomed to traditional calligraphy as well as the much more relaxed brush calligraphy. it is so soothing!

9. drink more w a t e r . this goes unsaid.

10. be nice to people. i've been noticing myself getting less patient, and i want to stop that in its tracks. I need to relax sometimes, and be nice to people more genuinely. sometimes my goal is just to get through the day - whether its the work day, grad school, whatever - and i think part of my problem is not being present. stress is definitely a factor in this, but continuing to allow myself "me" time and decompress is important to achieving a more patient, calm demeanor.

11. revive the blog. this is A BIG ONE! i have not blogged since january...and even before that, my blog posts were so scattered ever since I switched anticipation to be a private blog, open to only invited readers. I still feel so torn about that choice.  I have been building a. taylor studio , my creative website for photography, watercolors, and more - and that has been absolutely taking all my attention away from my blog. I haven't spent much time photographing for fun or going anywhere new/noteworthy to document. So I'd really like to change that, and aim to post here at Anticipation a few times a month. I miss it! I feel like this blog is my happy collection of archives - happy and small moments that are nonsignificant but important to me.

ciao! xo