when in doubt, look up.

One of my favorite quotes, ever: 
The Lord whispers in the subtle breeze and screams of his glories in the sunsets.

I don't know who originally said it - but whoever you are, thank you.
I got it from a book I received as a gift.
"Surfer Girl - A Guide to the Surfing Life" by Sanoe Lake.
aka the amazing badass surfer chica from Blue Crush!
my book is autographed by the author.
and when my mom bought it for me, AS A GIFT,
I wasn't there to meet her...

okay, wait, that wasn't the point. back to the quote.
is that not the best quote ever?
it completely sums up everything I think of every time 
I see a glorious sunset or sunrise like the ones above.
Can you even tell the difference between the sunsets and sunrises?
they are just too beautiful and too exquisite for words.

I am so glad that over the past couple of days, I have been looking up.
Literally and figuratively.
Figuratively, keeping a positive outlook. Living in the present. Being happy.
Being thankful and aware of how good I have it.
Literally - looking to the sky.
At night, seeing the stars.
Helps when you have a rooftop deck at the beach (see green house above - our digs from last wknd)!
But taking in a moment - no blinking - to watch the dusty night unfold before your eyes,
to really see the twinkling stars - 
it makes you feel so small in a good way.
Each shooting star I saw, I made a wish. I saw 3 over the weekend.

When in doubt, look up. Another great quote.
When's the last time you looked up?

happy friday, ciao! xo