Fall Travel Inspo

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top: hokkaido, japan \\ napa valley, ca \\ unknown

bottom: brittany, france \\ paris, france \\ lucerne, switzerland

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I do not intend to sound complain-y.

But one thing that

reeeeally stinks

about having summers off as a teacher

is that there is really no way you can take a month off and travel in the fall.

Just not gonna happen.

Lately I have been yearning for a cooler weathered trip - but where the sun is still sharp

and the days are long. There is a crisp hint of ember in the air and it just



Tourism rushes die down and flights are a little cheaper.

and you can wear really cute boots with leggings in cute travel outfits.

all the reasons in the world, right?

I want to see what the rest of the world in autumn looks like.

Currently my autumn obsession is Japan - does water that blue AND do leaves that orange really exist together like that?

I am very envious if you've ever traveled anywhere, really, in the fall.

I am becoming more and more committed to the idea of somehow traveling during this beautiful season.

thoughts? connections? love to hear!

ciao, xo and HAPPY WEEKEND :)