the autumn seaside

Helloooo, and happy Thursday! Yesterday I posted about my

October goals

and I have to say, yesterday was

such a good day.

I felt like I accomplished so much; I felt energized and completely conscious of it all all the while. Does that make sense? In the middle of teaching my lessons, I paused and actually BREATHED. I felt myself there. Great conversations were had. New things and techniques were tried and successful. All just seems to be so well. I felt so rejuvenated that I even found the energy to run 2.5 mi after work...say whaaaat?! I was totally living in the present yesterday. Going to do it again today. It was just too good. I am so thankful for all that I have - yesterday it was just screaming out at me. Life is SO GOOD!

Another thing to make my heart happy is looking at the pictures from our glorious beach weekend last weekend - even if it is almost an entire week ago. These autumn trips to the oceanside make me seriously channel m

inner Siena Taylor

- the ultimate relaxed and spontaneous version of me. The kind of person who photographs sunsets, drinks vino while watching the stars, puts the cell phone out of sight, and wakes up early to see the sunrise happen. All of that and more was the epitome of last weekend. And guess what!? only one more early wakeup until the next weekend. :)

What's making you feel energized and rejuvenated today?