Productivity Notes for the Freelancer

Productivity Notes for the Freelancer

Lately I've been taking a more intentional approach to how I manage my creative time. A lot of my time for producing calligraphy projects is very unstructured, and honestly the time can slip away. Anyone else get sucked into Instastories for 20 minutes at a time? When I do that, I feel so ashamed and LAZY! But it happens. So, I'm sharing some of my own strategies to stay productive and focused, even when your to-do list is miles long.

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Fall has been unusually quick paced, with weeks and dates blurring into one another.  I have found time to do a lot of the things on my to-do list, but it is already winter and I fear that this lovely grace period of fall has come and gone! Cool (but not frigid) nights, no pressure to shop for the holidays, time to enjoy all things pumpkin, apple and cinnamon-y. I have enjoyed a lot of it, but I could always use more!

For Halloween, I was a nerd. :) Did not require much dressing up or acting! I loved it. Speaking of nerd,  I was giddy when I found this 1979-era Nikon M film camera at a yard sale. The price of this camera was unbelievably fantastic. It is the first full-frame and film camera I have ever owned and I love the risk, the calculation, and the unknown of shooting with film...

the way it used to be.

I wish, so badly sometimes, that I was born a little bit earlier before the digital age overtook everything. I find it exhilaratingly challenging.

Daylight savings has also been awesome. That extra hour, especially in the mornings, is quite nice to have.

okay...enough chatter! ciao, xo


The month of April has been ahhhhmazing.

I turned 25

, I got to

visit S again

on the West Coast, had my first lavender honey ice cream of the year, visited new places (hello,


- twice!) and spent lots of time

being a foodie. 

 For the most part, I've been able to get out and really feel awake, rejuvenated...through running at the park or just simply running errands. I love getting back outside. The entire winter, I felt like most weekends were spent by the fire (and I loved it!) but it is veryyyy good to be in the sun and warmth outside.

A big theme for spring so far: simplicity. Eating lighter, living without excess, getting sun, sleeping well, and making choices that I feel better about (ex. cooking at home rather than eating out). I am in the midst of planning more travels for the summer, so I am thinking this simplicity kick has got to stay in order to make the plans happen. We're thinking a road trip up the West Coast!

Another idea that I've had over the past few weeks: I love being in my mid-twenties. The earlier years  were kinda chaotic - job searching, exiting college, figuring out all that stuff. I feel sooo much more mellowed out and I like it! I think it gets better every year...

ciao! xo


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as you can see...the past few weeks have been very sweet! Valentine's Day was amazing, even though it was very low key without S. He found ways to make it the cutest Valentine's ever - roses at work, sneaking the delivery of a little blue box for Valentines' morning...sigh! He is the best. I am so excited to be visiting soon! And I think we could all use a nice warm sunny California is SO cold here. Snow has been on the ground for several weeks now and we are all very much settled into that perpetual coziness/laziness of winter.

Some recent pick-me-ups: spring-hued tulips, homemade acai bowls (see recipe), starbucks finally rolling out flat whites, sundays (aka downton!).

ciao! xo


January is halfway through and the winter blues have only affected me minimally (yay - see how I

'beat' them here

). I suppose it is only natural to feel a little blue during the cold months - because if not, then do we


drink in all of the vibrance of summer? It's hard to appreciate it without the winter. Days here lately have been: promising to keep fresh cut flowers in my room, breaking out my new suede boots, splurging on out-of-season berries, and keeping my handy dandy swell bottle with me both at home and at work. I love that thing! Not pictured but also happening: George Harrison tunes on repeat, warm vanilla sugar body lotion (!!!), and hot cups of spinach soup to stay warm. And the occasional heaping bowl of pasta, because I can't keep away for too long {ever.}

So excited for this three day weekend - staying up a little later on Sunday night is gonna be glorious!! What are you up to this weekend?

ciao, xo