Fall has been unusually quick paced, with weeks and dates blurring into one another.  I have found time to do a lot of the things on my to-do list, but it is already winter and I fear that this lovely grace period of fall has come and gone! Cool (but not frigid) nights, no pressure to shop for the holidays, time to enjoy all things pumpkin, apple and cinnamon-y. I have enjoyed a lot of it, but I could always use more!

For Halloween, I was a nerd. :) Did not require much dressing up or acting! I loved it. Speaking of nerd,  I was giddy when I found this 1979-era Nikon M film camera at a yard sale. The price of this camera was unbelievably fantastic. It is the first full-frame and film camera I have ever owned and I love the risk, the calculation, and the unknown of shooting with film...

the way it used to be.

I wish, so badly sometimes, that I was born a little bit earlier before the digital age overtook everything. I find it exhilaratingly challenging.

Daylight savings has also been awesome. That extra hour, especially in the mornings, is quite nice to have.

okay...enough chatter! ciao, xo