Oh California! You are too, too beautiful. I do admit that I was actually a bit homesick at a point, missing my usual go-to places and comforts of home - but the humidity has cooled down here (I can breathe!) and I am totally in love with the beachy vibes here. Having the distant cliffs of Palos Verdes and Malibu in my peripheral vision is definitely not a bad thing. 

Days are repetitive these few weeks (I'm here with S til the beginning of August) because I am car-less. So I've been getting exercise in with my new bike Wilbury and I'm making a point to find something new everyday. Whether it's a cafe, a lunch spot, a vista or overlook, or a shortcut to somewhere's good. I just posted some snapshots from my daily bike adventures, actually!  I'm pinching pennies because a) I'm trying to stay on my vegan diet track after a minor taco lapse and b) we just booked a trip to Seattle! Which I am super pumped about!!! Because I get to see some family that live in the state! It is a gorgeous place, but I don't remember much seeing as the last time I was there I was 12 years old - half my life ago! 

So, if you have recommendations on what to do/see in Seattle for a super quick getaway, I'd appreciate the suggestions kindly! Til then, more beach sunsets, watching the boats, and counting the colors I see in the water...

ciao! xo

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