insta lately

The spring has been crazier than I'd like to say: grad school and homework, family events, and a whirlwind trip home by S has all contributed to the gloriously busy last few weeks. I have my grumpy times for sure. But I am kind of  loving all of it in all its rushing, overwhelming blur.

+ grad school. I don't want to jinx myself by saying this too soon (only had my first class and no major assignments), but I loved it! I still have to get to know a lot about how my school works - I'm new! - but I just feel very at home being in the classroom and taking notes. The nights are extremely tiring, as classes don't end til about 9.

+ june gloom. I don't remember the last time I've worn a jacket in June. It has been quite chilly over the last week - 50, 60 degrees - making a light jacket/raincoat seem like a very good idea. I have this one not unlike this one from LOFT and I've gotten plenty of wear out of it in the past few days.

+ before S left, we went on a dinner date to celebrate his {early!} birthday at a new restaurant. I had sworn it off because I had heard multiple bad reviews, but we had a gift card, and I ended up leaving with my mind completely made up: I was so wrong! It was a delightful albeit pricy northern Italian place with a rustic look and feel...I am completely a convert. Can't wait to go back with S and enjoy some more wine {and acqua panna!} under the string lights...

+ My Italian Market post has been featured here and I was very excited to see my photos posted and mentioned by Talluto's!  I was also tweeted by @SoSouthPhilly  about my post. It's making me want to go back to the Italian market all over again! I'm in need of more pecorino, I recently watched Rocky and I'm feeling all Philly tough lately (go ahead, roll your eyes).

okay, off to class! tee hee.

ciao, xo