insta-lately {christmas eve version!}

Mmmmmmeeerryyy Christmas (eve!). I am loving the festive feeling of my latest instagram posts - seeing all of the wreaths, trees, the plaid - of course it puts a smile on my face. But nothing makes me happier than being home with S! It has been the loveliest couple of days (except we are both battling nasty colds, ugh). Despite that annoyance it is just comforting to know everyone is home for Christmas. Makes me theeee happiest.

For Christmas Eve tonight we will be having an assortment of cheery hors d'oeuvres and drinks. We are expecting it to be pleasant and festive and happy as ever! I cannot wait to see everyone - I am hoping this cold calms down so that I can really enjoy the night tomorrow.

I want the next few days to be a repeat of everything above. I have a ton to cross of my december goals list, and a lot of it I have been so far neglecting (working out? wooops) and desperately need to attend to. Another big to-do is grad school - which I will be getting ready to begin very, very soon! So lots of new changes coming with the new year, I am sure. But for the immediate future, I need to cure this cold with lots of blankets, fireplace hangouts, and hot teas.

okay, everyone - wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

ciao, xo