what I love about Christmas

It is a time to be thankful and appreciate the little things - the valuable things that actually could never be replaced. 

I am fortunate to be able to spend this holiday the way I do. For the countless individuals experiencing hardships, it is not only a time to reflect but to help. I have been lucky to grow up with this sense of responsibility to help the needy - whether it is picking up Christmas meals to drop off to families, collecting toys, or donating a small sum somewhere.

I am so so lucky that everyone I love is here.

According to forecast it will be 50 degrees and sunny on Christmas day. But I am thankful, even in the frigid unbearable  cold, to live in a place where we have winters.

Life seems to slow down on this day - the supermarket parking lot is eerily empty, but at the same time in a  good way. It is nice knowing people are in their homes, having a quiet morning, being with their families. I love that sense of quiet. It is sacred.

Merry Christmas to all!

ciao, xo