new skin favorites

Lately I've been feeling very defeated when it comes to skin care and breakouts.

I am sooooo done with my skin! My breakouts have seemed to worsen,

and now I pay more attention to them now that being back at work

means that I spend time in the morning in front of the makeup mirror.

So last week, in my defeatist state, I marched to the Chanel counter at Macy's

and said, "I need lipstick." You know, a little pick me up.

My best friend bought herself a goooorgeous wine color shade from Chanel,

and it looks so good on her, so I was inspired to try it out and see what worked.

It ended in a whole makeover. I was happy.

Then, in a makeup-induced ecstasy, I bopped over to Sephora.

More damage done. She did another makeover.

I found products that actually work with the goals I have for reducing my breakouts,

and makeup that makes them look like history.

So far, so good.

I thought I'd share some of my finds with you - because splurge or not, they are seriously awesome.

(sorry for the poor quality photos).

I've been experimenting more and more and so far have really liked this process of seeing what works,

and what doesn't.

One kind of out-there beauty boost I've been having fun with is false eyelashes.

Not many - like one or two individuals on each eye - and I feel


more dramatic!

Paired with the berry lip, a dash of blush...and I feel very very made up indeed.

ciao! xo!