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Helloo! Happy Monday to you all...I am feeling relaxed and happy coming off of a nice weekend down by the sea. There is just something about spending a day in the sun, lounging and sweating - and then rinsing off the day in a cool shower. It is a time when I, personally, feel so radiant and happy to be young and alive. That out-of-the-shower feeling is when I feel the most confident and myself. No need for a lot of makeup, no need for fixing the hair. Throwing it in a messy wet bun and  putting fresh clothes over tanned skin is the ultimate way to wind down after a day in the sunshine.

I also threw together this easy-comfy look on a whim and love how my infinity scarf really tied the look together, adding an element of bright to an otherwise neutral outfit. This outfit took me through the whole evening - even comfortable enough to sleep in! We spent the night on the roof looking at the stars (I saw three shooting stars!) and drinking wine and sharing stories and our thanks for being able to spend another weekend down the shore.

As of now...when I type this...I think I am really truly experiencing my grieving for the end of summer. I know that it's over, and technically has been, but this weekend was one that I had been looking forward to for SUCH a long time. And now it's over. Saying goodbye to the ocean and knowing that it will be a whole year until my next ice cream cone (you know, the shore kind) actually brought me to tears. We talked about how to bring this feeling - this confidence, this acceptance, this laid-back every-day celebration of life - into the real world. Because today, Monday, is back to work. Back to the routine. How do we bring the essence of summer - bursts of spontaneity, feeling relaxed and at ease - with us


Still trying to figure that one out.

Ciao! xo