searching for bronzer

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So...I did something stupid the other day. I was going out and and put my favorite tube of red lipstick in my bag. Harmless, right? Then I had the brilliant idea to put my bronzer in my bag.

In under five minutes, it shattered everywhere...turning my leather clutch a nice orange, powdery hue.

Ta-daaaa! So now I am obviously in need of a new bronzer. (and a new clutch). Which is okay, because I needed one.

I previously used  sorme  as a bronzer, and loved it. But I think I need something a little multidimensional. The above picks are probbbbbably what I am leaning towards...but I don't know yet! The Guerlain goes for up to $75...can I justify that? Bronzer for $75? 

And will the smashbox be too shimmery? I don't want to be an oompa-loompa, but a nice glow with flecks of pinks and browns would be nice. :) any tips? picks? recommendations? spill it!

ciao! xo