christmas traditions

Gingerbread houses have turned into a Christmas tradition…

and I proudly present to you the house that S and I created!

Compared to my sisters' little masterpiece, ours was quite meager….

But I  

love it.

Every detail, down to the gummy bear emerging from the chimney ;)

The tree is decorated and looking lovely. This is one of my favorite christmas ornaments,

from the summer of 2011 when I studied in Siena, Italy.

Pizzelles! The smell of them baking in the kitchen sends me over the moon.

The look of the dozens of jars on the dining room table, all ready to be gifted, is a sight for sure.

What makes it even more special is that it is my great-grandmothers' special secret recipe. 

I had about 5 already this morning.. ;) 

I am always known to take a blurry lights picture…

S and I always have "our" Christmas a few days before. He travels to be with his family across the state,

and I miss him every time, especially on Christmas Eve and Day! 

But this year we had the loveliest little celebration.

We had dinner at a new little restaurant in town - italian of course - and we brought a bottle of

vino rosso

, my favorite! it was a delightful little night to try a new restaurant.

Then, home for presents! :)

and this is Scout's first Christmas…her stocking is all filled with dog toys and bones and treats! 

New traditions! :)

ciao, xooo!