a post from christmases past

last year, I found a kitten near a dumpster that was almost starved. 

I named her Pip, took her home, and kept her until we found her a home. :)

Some things haven't changed...

Pretty lights from small towns and big (NYC)

my favorite




baking from great-grandmothers' recipes

visiting state college 

me in Rockefeller Center

loving the bright bursts of holly

 playing in the snow

the most beautiful Christmas trees

and as always…loving my espresso!

- - - 

Happy almost-Christmas!

This combination of 2011-12 wintry goodness makes me smile! Last year was such a difficult year for me, for some reason I don't look back on it and wish  to go back - I feel so much better now about how I've grown and where I stand - but there are things I do miss. My kitten! That's the biggest thing. Looking at these pictures makes me wonder now how she is doing. Now we have a new addition to the family…Scout!…so things aren't lonely, but who is going to leave us little smelly Christmas presents under the tree? (yes, Pip loved pooping under the tree)…

It's fun to look at old pictures and also think about how my photography and interests have changed. I still like taking blurry light pictures and documenting my tea and coffee escapades. Maybe not much has changed after all ;)

ciao! buon natale!