Nature Bathing

Nature Bathing

This is my first organic post in a while that is non-calligraphy related. Truthfully, I have gotten so far away from photography lately and it makes me sad. Having my fully-charged camera with me was so nice; I feel like I truly haven’t been “one” with my camera since losing the battery charger all the way back during this trip.

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snow on march 1st.

from the prettiest snowfall yesterday. no filtering/audio edits, just the sound of snow falling.
to watch, use password 'snow'.

This quickly turned into a Georgia and Scout show, as you can see - they absolutely love the snow. I needed a way to capture the hefty snowflakes on their black coats, so I took out the tripod and focused manually on them (trying to stay still!). I love how excited and even curious they are about a fresh snowfall. Anyway, one of my march goals is to get better at shooting on a tripod, and even letting a little blur in. I liked the simplicity of this.

March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb! Although its entrance is rather peaceful and calming, it is nice to know that all this white will be green in a few short weeks ;)

ciao, xo

scenes from my {birthday} weekend

This weekend was



1. The amazing, amazing people I get to surround myself with. I have the kindest and most fun friends and family.

2. Flowers. Flowers in every shape, size, color - all in bloom. Buttercups that line the road to sprouts of tulips...all of it triumphantly announcing spring's long-awaited arrival.

3. It was 75 and 80 degrees this weekend - perfect for walks with Scout, gardening outside, and iced tea. It felt like (and even smelled like) summer time.

4. Mother-daughter bonding time was perfect; kicked off the weekend with pedicures and ended it on Sunday night over a new episode of Cosmos!

5. Birthday cake! And a

cookie cake!

 And trick candles!

6. Dreaming up future plans for travel, bucket lists, and other little things to get excited about.

7. Being SO excited over the new watch S gave me - the lululemon scarf from my best friend (outfit post this week!), the trench coat of my dreams, and a


coffee diary from my sister! eeeek!

8. Everything moved sloooow. For once it didn't seem like the weekend flew by.

9. Fresh baked banana bread and tea after a few rounds of spring cleaning.

Productivity and fun don't normally coexist in one weekend for me but somehow this weekend did. I cleaned, got stuff done, and happened to actually do everything I wanted to - you know, that imaginary picture in your head of what you want your weekend to look like. This well-blended weekend happened to include probably the nicest weather of the year, which made it even harder to stay inside and glued to one task. The only thing I didn't do was stick to my lower-carb "diet"...oops.

More on that later. I know everyone says this but I cannot imagine being more lucky. I am beyond blessed, to have the family I do, to be surrounded by the coolest and nicest and most generous friends in the world. You know who you are. :) I loveeee them! And they are pretty much the reason why this weekend rocked. It's gonna be tough to top this one. :)

Okay, Monday, I'm ready for you...

ciao, xo!