Portrait of Tanner

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 7.52.21 PM.png

The urge to paint always hits me the same way. I don’t watercolor nearly enough, and when I miss it, it is this instinctual craving. I just know that I need to slow down and paint. I don’t need to see paint supplies, or even a painting to inspire me…sometimes I just know it’s been a while, and it is time to bring out my brushes and paints again.

Memorial Day Weekend isn’t even over and I’ve started three new watercolor paintings today! This here is a portrait of Tanner, which was painted from a photo on a 7x10” Arches hot press paper. It is a dream to paint on. Tanner is S’s family’s dog, a spunky yellow lab. I thought this might be the perfect additional gift for S to give his dad on Father’s Day. Tanner is so loved by his family.

I’ve been painting dogs (and cats!) for weddings for years now, but it has never occurred to me to paint one of the dogs I know. I was so happy with how this piece turned out; I rarely toot my own horn with my painting skills, because so much is still out there to learn…but I am proud of this. I think it captures him so well!

My next muse is definitely going to be this little sweetheart. The hard part will be to find a picture that captures her spirit!

ciao, xo