Golden Marble Easter Eggs


This year, I bought my egg-dying supplies SUPER early! I don’t know it if was because we missed egg-dying last year, or if I wanted to hang out in the new kitchen…but I made sure that we’d dye eggs this year! So last night, we had my family over with lots of fun appies and treats to precede our egg-dying extravaganza! There are always so many pretty easter eggs on pinterest, it’s hard to not think, “I want to do that!” So on top of my go-to Paas egg dying kit, I bought this gold paint to gild our pretty little eggs. Uhh, by the way, we bought 48 eggs…a little ambitious!

The gold dye was a hit. It went on a lot like acrylic paint. The inadequate paintbrush that came with the kit made my eggs appear almost too done, like I was trying too hard. It left lines behind. So, I decided to dab my eggs in a paper towel while the paint was still a little wet. It created this pretty marble effect!

What are your Easter traditions?


Easter weekend is always a favorite of mine. In a little while we are off to S’s parents for a pre-Easter luncheon; I am bringing a key lime pie in honor of our recent trip to the Florida Keys! Tomorrow we will have our tradition of home made pasta at my mom’s house and I could not be more excited. And S is excited to have hard boiled eggs for the next 48+ lunches ;) ha!

ciao! xo