My First Garden


I am gushing with happiness at my far-from perfect garden. I have been so focused on what I don’t have: perfectly manicured flower beds, eclectic and thoughtfully repurposed antique finds, or seasoned perennials that promise blooms to come. I know I have none of that…but I will. I think that this spring has been interesting for me, with a lot up in the air. But the feeling of getting settled is nice. Now that we are in a groove with our new house, and the springtime weather has been close to idyllic, it has been so simply lovely to be able to cultivate a small garden of my own.

My mom’s garden has always - and always will be - my dream. It has layers, quite literally. Stories, objects, experiences, senses, and history. It has changed so much over years and I only now appreciate the true labor of love which it is. From the bountiful perennials that faithfully pop up and multiply, to the eclectic pots and vintage pieces, everything about it is home to me. I am so happy that I’ve had that backdrop to my summer life and now I am creating a slice of it here.

My mom has helped me so much developing ideas for the garden (and literally putting plants in, like today). She has shared some of her hostas and ferns with me by splitting them at the root. Now their babies are here!

I have a dream of someday having a nicely arranged variety of peonies, roses, and hydrangeas. That’s all I need I think in terms of flowering shrubs!

I also love the idea of having a potted garden - my Buddha head is my current fave, I think it will be a lifetime fave, too. Right now creeping jenny, herbs (like basil, eucalyptus, sage, rosemary), gerber daisies, and sedum are gracing our little patio out back. I also have a few perennials to add, and a hanging basket of beautiful belle-like flowers (the name in which I forget).

These pictures are for me to look back on, to always remember this humble little garden and where my inspiration lies.