Crimson Gown

S and I packed our bags for a fun wedding weekend with his college friends in good old Pittsburgh, PA! I was so lucky to tag along with S’s friends, some of which I hadn’t seen in years. We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, probably even more so because it is the first wedding we’ve been to as an engaged couple.  I definitely found myself being very receptive towards all the fun wedding details, everything from the placecards on the tables to the cookie bar after dinner. I love that S really treated us by turning the event into a full weekend, with a stay at a lovely hotel outside of downtown Pittsburgh. We had so much fun besides attending the wedding. It makes me excited for all that's to come and for our own wedding :) 

It’s been a few years since we were guests at a wedding. Last time I attended a wedding, I rented a gown from RTR (which I loooooved). It made the whole evening so much more fun and glitzy, so I figured I would do it again! This time I went for a dramatic red Monique Lhuillier dress, something that I probably would shy from if I were buying it for a lifetime of ownership. The retail price is a bit steep! I loved that the high-low bottom added a touch of trendiness to it, while the thick red fabric and straight strapless neckline added a Audrey Hepburn-esque feel of timelessness. It had great reviews and overall the dress was a hit! It was a bit heavy for the summer, but I fell in love with the dress' color and shape. I love RTR so much, I think the company's idea is genius and I would love to do their unlimited plan one day (!!!). But for now, and with many weddings coming up in the year ahead, I am sure I will be satisfied with plenty of options they offer. I'm thinking blush pink for the next one...

gown rent the runway | fold over clutch urban outfitters (old, similar here) | shoes cole haan

Besides the wedding, S made sure I got to see more of Pittsburgh since I had never been to the city before and I was curious to explore! We had a DELICIOUS pancake breakfast at Pamela’s, one of his favorite breakfast places EVER. We met some of his family and shared so many laughs as we dug into our plates. All of the family and wedding vibes got meso excited for our own wedding! Afterwards we walked around the streets of Shady Side and ventured downtown to see Pittsburgh’s more scenic spots. We drove down (or up!?) to hop on the Dusquene Incline, a railcar system built in 1877. It is a rickety cable car that pulls you up Mt. Washington, one of the hills in Pittsburgh, to open to a beautiful panorama of Pittsburgh’s many rivers, bridges, and beautiful city buildings. I can only imagine how beautiful it is at night! I especially loved the historical aspect of the incline, as the site up top featured hundreds of photos/illustrations from the turn of the century (and before) that showed the city’s evolution as an industrial powerhouse.

So…history lessons, a wedding, and fun excursions with my love. What more is there to ask for!?