white slush

This time last year, we got 13" of snow. We have barely received any good dumping of snow lately, and while I was tired of it last year, I am craving a nice heaping of snow in our area. Last night a slushy mix arrived and this is the remnants of it today - cold, icy slosh that feels just as dirty as it does wet. Sigh.

I find myself today feeling very relaxed. There is a ton of work to do but I am in an putting it off and feeling kind of amicable about it. Still deciding on the color to paint my room. I am really dying to see how my room looks after I do this little 'overhaul'...I have moved lots of furniture, bought some recent additions (hello 72" mirror! woo) and got rid of a lot of knick-knacks. Still lots of work to do on that end, though..

I'm going to stop typing now because there really isn't much more to say! Enjoy your weekend, happy Saturday, and ciao! xo