bits of summer

It's been a busy summer (read this if you don't believe me!). Right now we are in the process of moving, and it prompts me to reflect on all of the times we've had here in our little apartment. All of our belongings are being packed in boxes, and we're in this mood of cleansing and restarting, but also nostalgia. It feels like forever since we've just moved in, but it's only been a year! We're super excited to upgrade spaces and experience a new town, though! In the spirit of reminiscing, I collected a few of my favorite moments (both A. Taylor Studio and personal) and shared them here.

Here's a few updates on what's been going on lately :)

  • Obsessed with: Madewell. I went to their store recently and fell in love with the tomboyish charm of every single piece! It is functional and affordable (thank you, teacher discount). Mostly good for weekend clothes, there are a few pieces (like this) that I would love to wear to work. Also, these slingback flats.
  • Eating a ton of: Spinach. In my smoothies, mostly, but also sautéed. I love it as a side dish, and it's very healthy!
  • Newest calligraphy find: I recently received packages of specialty paper from Fabulous Fancy Pants and LCI Paper Company! I cannot wait to try them out!
  • Wedding details: They're coming together! Wedding shoes, jewelry, and gifts are freshly checked off my to-do list. Coming up: finalizing our ceremony details, hair and makeup and purchasing our wedding bands.
  • On my "want" list: a 24-70 mm lens for the NikonD750 I don't have ;)
  • On my instagram radar: @parisinfourmonths's insta stories, @natalieborton's style, and @jenkay's travels and photos. Love these feeds right now!

ciao! xo