Solar Eclipse at the Beach


What an amazing moment this was...the solar eclipse! I am thinking that I'll remember this day for a long time. It was a happy, relaxed, and sunny day (literally and figuratively) - the perfect day to lounge in the sun and gaze toward the sun. We decided to venture to a place known for the sunshine - the beach! - to ring in this celestial event. What a day! It was completely clear, not too hot, and refreshing. Despite the moon blocking some of the sun's rays, I got lots of color on my face (a tad too much, actually!). I even got a nice sunglasses tan around the paper ISO glasses that we wore to protect our eyes from the sun, haha :) 

Before and During the Solar Eclipse

Because we weren't in the path of totality, we did not see the "full" solar eclipse that some people saw in Oregon, Idaho, Nashville, or Charleston. We did see the moon inch its way forward in front of the sun (meteorologists said that 80% of the sun was blocked from our viewing area). It was a transcendental experience, being on the beach and hearing people gasp and say "it's here!" It got noticeably cooler, and as the temperatures dropped, it almost seemed as if the day was dimmed just enough to create a foggy, hazy (and strange) light. The pictures above show a pretty true-to-the-eyes example of the light I'm talking about! It was amazing, thought-provoking, and spiritual. A special thanks to my momma for providing SO many of our family and friends with the solar glasses. She is a NASA Ambassador and an amazing inspiration for our solar eclipse hype!


And the rest of the day looked like any other at the beach - salty air, sandy legs, and a classic sunglasses tan. :)

ciao! xo