Snapshots from the Grand Canyon

So, this is about as adventurous as I've ever gotten! Hiking the trails along the rim of the Grand Canyon was a bucket list moment this summer. As for photos, this is about all I've got - I didn't take many - because the Grand Canyon can't be captured in all of its grandeur in photos alone. I stopped taking pictures after a while because each turn shed light onto a new view, angles of light, and the crevices of a dramatic rock formation. Geologically, this is about as close as we get to the Earth's basement - so it was wondrous to look DOWN and imagine all the billions of years it took to carve this natural treasure. I'll make this a quick post - because talking about rocks can be repetitive - but I wanted to focus on two things:

a. The Grand Canyon changes colors depending on angle of the sun.

b. The hiking shoes I used, Keen, were fantastic. So I wanted to sing their praises as a phenomenal hiking shoe (this is not a sponsored post, by the way!)

changing colors

The Grand Canyon was preserved thanks to the [eons-before-his-time] conservationist policies of Theodore Roosevelt. It truly is a natural marvel. We hiked mostly in the afternoon hours, at peak temperatures, so stopping for shade every once in a while was a must. When we did stop, we opted for good views (duh) so we sat along the rim...not always a good idea to sit too close. I slipped at one point and got a NASTY bruise on my thigh!* But when we did look out into the endless, cavernous gorge, we noticed that at some moments, the rocks seemed redder than they had been before. It felt stupid to say it out loud. Then, after a few more hours went by, we noticed the rocks had a green/blue tint - just a slight change from before. I found this article that sort of affirms what I'm saying here - I think that it truly is a phenomenon seen by the eyes only, not the lens of a camera. 

keen: a lifesaver for your hiking feet!

The Keen hiking boots I wore to the Grand Canyon were so great - when I took my shoes and socks off that day, the first thing I noticed was how dry and refreshed my feet felt. That might sound weird - but I think my choice in running socks paired with the Keen Oakridge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot was probably the best choice I made when I started shopping for hiking gear. There are few things worse then horribly aching feet after a day of walking, but these boots completely protected and supported my feet! I'd highly recommend - and they're well made. Not sure if they're the most fashionable - but if you're a serious hiker, or want to be, chances are you prioritize comfort over aesthetics. Yes, they're bulky. Yes, they're an investment (at $125). But those boots got me through the Grand Canyon! Now, I did slip*, but it was not the fault of the shoes - it was a mixture of bad judgment plus a slippery Cococino sandstone. The rocks at the canyon, especially the off-white sandstone, are actually very slick - not wet, but just slippery - so don't venture out too far on those ledges. Yes, people do fall every year...and it's terrifying to think about!