Corolla Sunrise

By some miraculous force I have been able to wake up before the sun rises every day. I think a lot of this has to do with the window by my bed that faces the ocean, where the tiniest sliver of the beach is visible. All I can really see is the flat blue line of the ocean, but it juuuust so happens to be aligned with the exact angle in which the sun rises. Early morning brings a heavenly glow of purple, orange, pink, and red in the sky. 

When 5:30 rolls around, I have to make a decision...stay in bed, or book it to the beach?It is so peaceful and quiet here, and the allure of the sky in the morning is undeniable. The time in the morning by myself is the best time of the day. Waking up early is ALWAYS worth it!  I decided to grab a beach cruiser from the house and ride over a few blocks away to the beach walk, where I climbed the steps onto the shore. This is what I saw. 

I wasn't alone, but I feel as though people who get up to see the sunrise are kindred spirits. There was a family who brought their dog, a couple taking a walk, and a few couple hundred ghost crabs popping in and out of the sand. The ghost crabs are SO entertaining!  I remember being so intrigued, and scared, of them as a kid - but now I think they're kinda cute. They blend in perfectly with the sand, and the only way you can really distinguish them from the sand is when they're scurrying around from hole to hole.

After coming back to the house after hanging out with those two ghost crabs, I came back to make a cup of coffee and enjoy the view from the top floor of the house. The solitude of the morning is so nourishing! After everyone woke up, we went out for breakfast at a cute little shack in Corolla called First Light. It was intimate and small (almost all of the local businesses here are) and of course, delicious! I got the classic eggs and bacon breakfast. But probably the best part is the biscuit - it's a southern thing! It was so insanely buttery and's like the dessert of breakfast! 

I love being a morning person!