Lime Margaritas

Since we have been here in the Outer Banks we've been on full-on vacation mode: morning bike rides, coffee, beach, shower, drinks. And repeat! We are staying in the northern shore town of Corolla, which is a delightful and laid back little village that has some lovely coastline and amazing sunsets. The July heat has been pretty unbearable, though, so S had the idea to make lime margaritas to cool off. And it has been a great idea because he makes some pretty good frozen margs! 

Over the past two days the humidity and heat was stifling. Last night a long wave of storms rolled in and broke up the oppressive heat, so today was cooler and made all of our beachgoing a lot easier! It is literally easier to breathe. We spent the day at the beach, hanging out by the water and getting some sun. After relaxing the day away, I went ahead and took a TWO hour nap! I can't believe I did that - it was kind of awesome. The mood down here is so relaxed and carefree...the epitome of vacation! 

To do something different for the evening, S and I went off together to have dinner at a tiny beachy Italian restaurant. Our dishes were enormous! I love Italian food so much, and when it's a beachy restaurant like this it is always fun to try the seafood options. After dinner we decided to take a slow walk along the storefronts and listen to the live music. Corolla is such a cute town with little pockets of beach shops - but probably the best part is that everyone seems to be so friendly and laid back. I love southern living! It definitely feels like island time...even though I believe it is more so a state of mind. Anyway, we ended up coming back to the house and whipping up some chilly lime margaritas to enjoy on the deck!  

These margs are probably not as authentic as you may think, but they're deelish! They're made from a mix, but I recommend it for an easy cleanup and yummy taste. I was in charge of adding sugar to the rim (I prefer sweet over salty for these frozen margs!) and fetching the crushed ice. S did pretty much everything else! :)  He is a pretty good bartender. We poured them in some glass tumblers and enjoyed them as we watched the sun set over the bay.  Just add a salty breeze in the air, a couple of adirondack chairs, and some flip flops. 


  • Jose Cuervo margarita mix (3 oz) 
  • Camarena tequila  (1 oz) 
  • 4 oz. crushed ice
  • Sugar 

Cheers to East Coast summering!