Hazy Corolla Nights

These past few nights have been the haziest and muggiest we have seen! 90 degrees after the sun goes down...help! 

romper (similar) / sandals  / hat (similar)  / cardigan (similar)

For now we've found refuge in ice cream cones, summer shandies, and quick dips in the ocean. I am with S's family in the OBX this week and it has been so delightful so far! I love that we are already having so much fun and the vacation has barely started. It feels good to be back in a familiar place, but seeing new things. 

These photos, taken in Duck, NC, were along a waterfront pier that overlooks the Abermarle Sound. I love revisiting places like these because it reminds me of spooky OBX legends that I grew up on: Blackbeard the Pirate, the legend of Virginia Dare, the lost colony of Roanoke, and so on. I love some good pirate lore. :)