LBI 2016

LBI is a summer tradition that goes beyond my childhood - it goes back to my mom, and her parents. As you probably know, it was a very special week indeed, because S and I got engaged at the base of the lighthouse! This exciting news added to the hoopla of the week, but as usual it was overall a magical and relaxing time. Our house overlooks the lighthouse, so it is perfect for long lazy afternoons on the roof and dance parties at night. And that's exactly how we did it (except for coffee breaks, of course).

In a nutshell, too much ice cream was consumed, too many mugs were refilled with coffee, and too many Angry Orchards were was a spectacular food fest (that I am kind of now regretting!). This place is becoming our family's ABSOLUTE favorite - Woodie's Drive In - the menu is literally a wall's worth of food and drink. It's an outdoor 1950s/60s beach style drive-in, with live music every night from a different local artist. Classic vintage cars, including the iconic Volkswagen hippie van, are always in the parking lot. The food, which is mostly American fare, is literally something I look forward to each summer. My favorite are the quesadillas and chicken fingers :) 

Conveniently, it is located right next to another longtime tradition: Flamingo Golf! S always wins because he is a golf dork! I just like the whole part of being there and going through all 18 holes, which I haven't mastered yet even at age 26. I did get a few hole-in-one's, though, which I was content with. cream! My go-to is vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.

We rented a pontoon boat and took it out into the inlet...and had a minor brush up against a dock...oops! There was definitely some blood, sweat and tears...the best part was "weighing anchor" (as I call it) and stopping to fish and crab a little. Did we catch anything? Ha. is that even a question?

I wish I took more pictures, but I was going with the flow and still on cloud 9 after getting engaged. My mom woke up for the sunrise every morning and is reason for the beautiful sunrise shots! The sunsets were gorgeous, too, but I think the rainy/stormy nights are even better. Having a panoramic vista of the inlet/lighthouse was  like a front row seat to all of the coast's wonders.

Some other highlights:

  • Shopping around the new boutiques

  • Trying out the free LBI Shuttle (ehhh...)


  • Popping champagne, Moscow mules on the deck

  • Front row seat to July 4th fireworks

  • Countless stops to How You Brewin' Coffee

  • Finding a new Coffee Diaries feature!

  • Our unsuccessful boating hilarious

  • Brie date with my dad - an annual beach tradition

Another newly-formed LBI tradition is the fall trip we take in September or October. So, I will be back there soon for more pictures and more beachy fun! 

ciao, xo