Lazy Sunday Style

flats (similar)  / denim lucky  / blouse urban outfitters / tote / necklace loft  / hat brixton

The perfect lazy Sunday is actually not lazy at all! It would be dressing up in my sunday best, having breakfast or coffee or tea with my loves, and taking in all the joys of the season. And that was last sunday! I strolled around with my photog (aka my brother) after enjoying an amazing family breakfast and planning an upcoming mini-getaway to Long Island, NY for later this month. Lately I have been wanting to do so many things on the weekends but I am trying to restrict myself to budget-friendly activities (aka no shopping - or not a lot, at least. hehe). I want to be disciplined and cut out unnecessary spending over the next few weeks so I can really enjoy the cafes, maybe a cute B&B, and spontaneous stops along the way. I am dreaming of the early spring nautical delights of the Hamptons and cannot wait! So for now, I am really indulging the weekends with simple time for photography, exercising, painting, and getting ready for spring. Just this weekend I planted some ranunculus bulbs and other spring seeds to get in the spirit of warmth!

Right now it's chilly in these parts, but during this time of year I always feel like ditching my coat. While shooting, I was definitely cold, but it felt great walking through spurts of sunshine down the street and feeling the breeze in my hair!  For this chilly day look, I wore my favorite new ruffled blouse from Urban Outfitters.  I love the romantic, drapey ruffles on this shirt. It's actually very lightweight but pulls down in the right places. It was perfect to pair with my also romantic lacey flats, which I learned are properly called ghillies (they're named after old Scottish dancing shoes). I thought a half-up half-down wavy hairstyle would be a nice girlish touch to this finalize this look.

PS - these pics are edited in Lightroom and how awesome do they look!? I am amazed by the power of this program. It also makes me realize how just about every image that has ever been published or shared in this age has been retouched! While I definitely love my share of instagram filters, lightroom presets and other editing goodies, I know that over-editing and photoshopping can really take away from the beauty of raw images, and that's why I like to keep it pretty simple. I only like to edit or add to the mood of the image. For the above photos, I was feeling a light, bright and airy morning vibe. It adds a weird sense of authenticity to these pictures, in my head. No major edits go into my work (it is so time consuming!). The skill of taking the shot matters first, and when that's awesome quality, then editing is a breeze.