scenes from my weekend

an a. taylor studio original print with some  inspo from a favorite ! 

Here's what's going on lately!

  • in the mood for flowers. obviously, can you tell? It's been slowly warming up here and the beautiful pink magnolia tree - the most majestic in the springtime - has its buds! (!!!!!!!!). I can't wait for it. So in the meantime I planted my own seeds, and they sprouted in under a week! I am a novice when it comes to this, so I'm not sure if that's normal...but I am pumped. My seedlings include some poppies (which aren't going to transplant well, but I don't care), stock, zinnia, and ranunculus.
  • coffee diaries of epic proportions coming soon! it was so fantastic and inspiring! I turned a blog friend into a real friend, yay!
  • the great outdoors. well, I didn't walk through it - but we drove up through the mountains this weekend and the landscape and scenery were breathtaking. getting some cool mountain air in the lungs is always a good thing. and how about that covered bridge? I love my car's gps system for surprising us with that one along the route.
  • falling off the healthy wagon...lately my weeks have been up and down. sometimes, i eat healthy in my head but don't actually do it. does that make sense? {actually, even I don't understand that!?} What i think I mean is that I intend to eat well, especially during the week, but then sometimes the hangriness sets in and it's very hard to control! I have been SO good lately about eating practices, and working out, but I hurt my knee and haven't run for a few days. so mentally, i feel like I have fallen off the wagon. Need to get back on (and stop eating chips and salsa). 
  • springing forward for daylight savings hurts. 
  • there is something to be said about old fashioned, slow paced visits. whether it is coffee meet-ups, spontaneous get-togethers, or dinners with old friends, building those kinds of relationships - over laughs, stories, memories, old photos - is the paramount happiness. I had so many of those this weekend with old and new friends, and it is something special. Being in a rush is overrated.

Have a great week! ciao, xo