spring wishlist

sandals / lens for nikon / jeans /  pouf / moisturizer / blouse /dress / socks /earrings

I am feeling MAJOR, major major spring fever vibes! All I want to do is run through a field of flowers and be outside! I am craving cool spring mornings, sunny afternoons, and having longer days. The school year is almost over, warmth is coming, and I always get this jumpy wanderlust-y feeling about upcoming summertime travels.

This winter I have really found my stride with my go-to shopping picks: the items from above are on my radar to add to the arsenal! There are so many trends I am loving, in particular the marble-white jewelry with gold, flowy hemlines and ruffles, cropped high waisted jeans, and romantic yet minimalist details (like lace, or fluff as seen on that awesome ottoman/pouf!). Anthropologie and Urban have been unexpected favorites lately - along with the usual Loft, etc. 

As for beauty, Laura Mercier is my new favorite moisturizer. I actually own this already but I love it and wanted to share! I've been using this as a luxe weekends-only moisturizer, because it is so rich and nourishing I don't want to use it all up! Because it's a little on the expensive side, I use this in the meantime as a great weekday choice that is light and super-hydrating. 

And...for the fun little tech piece...a new lens! I actually owned this lens at one point and switched it out after having second thoughts. But now I am having third thoughts (is that a thing?) and the verdict is: I wish I never sold it back. This lens has it all! I love the lens' ability to zoom in on the finest details like strands of hair, petals on flowers, etc. The f/2 aperture really adds such a pleasing bokeh effect. So, I am thinking I need to reintroduce this glass into my collection.

what's on your must have list for spring? 

ciao, xo!