El Matador Beach

Hello from El Matador Beach in Malibu! S and I embarked on a mini-road trip adventure to see the dramatic rocks and coves of El Matador. It wasn't like anything I had ever seen (or expected!). We didn't just stumble upon it - it is known in LA for being one of the most picturesque and romantic beaches with a killer view of the Pacific. And it did not disappoint! We had some snafus getting some parking, but all of that was quickly forgotten once we got up close to these massive rocks jutting out of the beach.

To get down to the beach there is this rickety, rusty and steep staircase that brings you down. Other than that it's just slopes of sand and hoping that your flip flops don't fail you! Actually, I was surprised there wasn't another - safer - way to get down to the beach, considering we're in LA. But that is what makes El Matador one of the lesser known, "hidden" beaches. We finished our time at El Matador by walking and examining each part of the beach -  which is quite small.  Each little segment of the sand is hidden by the expansive rocks obscuring your view, so I particularly enjoyed walking beyond each and every rock to see what sort of vista it offered. Every once in a while we were sprayed by an errant wave crashing against the rocks, and us :)

This spot is a favorite of photographers, too. I saw a mother and son doing a family portrait with a photographer in the shady coves of the less-crowded parts of the beach, and can only imagine how beautiful those portraits will turn out! The rocky background or smooth Pacific blues just complement each other so well. We didn't stay long, but you can definitely do a day trip here (parking is $8 or free on the PCH - unless you're me and put $20 into the machine that 

doesn't spit back change). 

I want the weekend back for more adventures with S!!

ciao, xo