Manhattan Beach

 bag calvin klein | tank free people (similar) | pants elan (similar) | shoes crown vintage | sunnies target (super old)

A couple of things before I get into the meat of this post:

-How I feel about style / outfit posts. Over the last year I have been increasingly resentful of fashion blogs and blogs that solely focus on fashion. I know I shouldn't be talking - because this is indeed an outfit post - but I miss when my favorite fashion blogs focused on actual style. It has become such a game of bragging and competition, and such a business and I find that so disenchanting. It seems that nowadays it is has become all about affiliate links, free swag from reviews and designer names. I won't name the blogs in question, because there's already enough hate on the internet, but I've chosen to unfollow and not read certain blogs (as best I can) because I am so sick of comparing myself to their perfectly edited, Photoshopped and accessorized looks. I used to try to be like them, but now I am realizing how ridiculous and unattainable (and NOT REAL!) it all is. On the other hand, I love reading real blogs with genuine people and posts about fashion - some of my favorites are in my blog roll. And I have to say, the people who shoot these (usually S, my brother or my sisters) are the BEST because they put up with me. Style posts are kinda ridiculous...and yet, here this one is.

- New lens and photography announcement. These photos (taken by S, love you!) were shot with my new 60mm macro lens! While it's not the go-to portrait lens I love how these photos came out! I used to question the idea of even buying a prime lens (it does not zoom, it is fixed) but I feel like this summer I have tried a lot through renting and experimenting...and I'm learning to love it! Not that I didn't love it before - but there is such an art and mechanics behind photography that one needs to appreciate! So...that being said...I have some big news. I have been playing with the idea for a while to start my own little "photography" business ...something that I do on the side, more for casual shoots and fun portraits. I've done a newborn shoot already and I was overwhelmed, yet exhilarated, by the challenges of it.

I've started a website where you can see my portfolio.I am so excited about it!  I'm really trying to continue to build my portfolio and gain more directing experience before I officially take clients. So if you're in the Philly area and are in need of some headshots or a portrait, let me know! :) onto the actual post! :) I wore this on a dinner date with S at our favorite LA seafood place - it's casually beachy, so I thought that these loose and super light pants would do the trick. Also: I biked 4.4 mi (each way!) in these pants and they were so breathable and flowy. I wish everything  was bike accessible! I am becoming so used to riding Wilbury everywhere and locking him up at a bike rack - it's super easy and convenient. Plus we burned off a little of our dinner, right? My tank top is definitely not as cozy, but I love it for the super skinny straps and stretchy material. It felt a bit tight, but again it is so light and breathable so on the bikes it didn't really feel noticeable. California style is so sublime! I love the beachy vibes that extend far beyond summer. 

ciao! xo