bag envy










When the anticipation of fall starts buzzing around I automatically think:

time for a new bag.

Is this realistic? No. But I can dream!! I got a bright orange structured tote last fall and I am loving the pop of color it brights to my outfits. I have a philosophy around accessories, based on my own


preferences -  because I usually tend to wear neutral clothes, I love a punchy and bright accessory. For instance, I would never wear pants or a sweater in that yellow shade (3) but in a bag I think its a little unexpected and stylish. Same goes for scarfs, shoes, you name it.

To contradict myself, I have also recently become smitten with that romantic blush shade - the slightest pink - to complement my love for neutrals. It is definitely more feminine, but I 


that look!! Of course most of these are out of my budget, but it is simple to find lookalikes for a much more reasonable price. Backpack 4 would be perfect for grad school, or even now being in California and always riding my bike (bikes and backpacks just go so well together). These kind of pieces are investment pieces, purchases to be spread out over time...but I am thinking about taking the plunge!!

Finally, bag 5 is actually a bag meant solely for cameras. It is a beautifully constructed messenger bag that can fit a camera body and 1-2 additional lenses! (Where is the heart eyes emoji?) I have been thinking about doing a DIY where I re-outfit an old bag into a camera lens bag, but this is definitely superior to anything I could make.

How about you - what are your dream bags of the moment? Which one, #1-5, do you like the best?

ciao! xo