Manhattan Beach | The Strand

The cool sweater-weather nights of Southern California have won me over.  The 24/7 summer like state of S's new home had me giddy yet perplexed -  what kind of weather is better than sandals and sweaters? But what to wear?! After dinner one night, S and I decided to take a walk along the Strand to see the views of the sunset from the Manhattan Beach pier. The cut out knit sweater I wore from Banana Republic was a perfect choice for the night - I love shirt so much, I have it in two colors! The open back creates a willowy, drapey effect while the crisp crew neck keeps things preppy. I wore my black harem pants with this to bring my outfit up a notch for dinner. One thing I noticed about Southern California is that most of its towns are like any beach town - if even a part of your outfit isn't relaxed, you kind of stick out. No big statement jewels needed, no pointy heels necessary - just sandals, sunglasses, loose hair and you're good.

Our walk along the Strand was beautiful at sunset. We didn't even plan to walk, but I am so glad we did. I was enamored by the bounteous clumps of roses that lined the properties on the ocean side of our walk. It amazes me how they thrive so colorfully and vibrantly next to the ocean (and this is probably all year round, I'll venture to say). After passing thousands of rosebuds - and stopping to smell a few - we reached the pier. Neither of us had been on the Manhattan Beach Pier, where we watched the brilliantly glowing sunset finally dip down beyond the horizon. Pretty much perfect! Every Friday night should be splashed with this much golden sun.

ciao!! xo