five days!

This guy is coming home in five days! If you're new to the blog, you probably didn't know that S and I have been dating for a while :) and right now he's located in Southern California for a temporary work move. The long distance has been tough and by no means ideal, but we are making it work through a lot of visits and frequent flyer miles. We have been lucky to go through our first 10 months without any huge gaps between visits; the longest stretch has been three months or so but since then, we have planned and worked around our schedules to make the time! And the next time is in...five days!!

This one is a special visit for a couple of reasons; #1 is that it is S's birthday! Since we won't be together for the actual day, we'll be celebrating it a little on the early side! I am excited for that, because he was sweet enough to celebrate my birthday on the west coast when I visited him last month (was it only a month ago?!). 

#2 is the warm weather! Philadelphia weather isn't all that great, especially by Los Angeles standards. The humidity can be horrible, the heat can be sweltering and sometimes it feels like we skip the gentle warmth of spring altogether. But I am crossing my fingers for the best! Last time S was here, it was around the holidays, so it was cold and our free time was limited due to family engagements and the frigid temps outside. S definitely doesn't miss the weather here (jerk).

#3 is alllllll the plans I have! Which is probably a total of 2. I have these ideal plans in my head that in all reality probably won't happen, like wine tasting, a beach day trip, a weekend getaway, blah blah. It's going to be a very hectic couple of weeks since I am starting grad school around the same time, but we'll find some fun stuff to do! I don't want it to feel rushed, like we'll have to squeeze everything in - so the big overarching plan is 'no big plans.' let spontaneity reign!

ciao! xo