La Jolla

When we were planning our trip (and when I say we, I mean S), La Jolla came up as a possible stop. It turned out to be an instant highlight. We stopped for a delicious brunch at Cody's, situated on a downward sloping hill that leads to the most picturesque cliffs by the sea. S has been to a number of places already in his short time in CA, and Cody's was one of them - it was SO cute. This beachy, light, relaxed little place had the cutest wooden tables, succulent wall gardens, and outdoor seating. S has a good eye for the kind of places I'd like :) We got a yummy brunch and iced coffees to cool off. I loved the euro flair in there with the hipster kind of quirks (i.e. mason jars! bottled water! wine rack!)

Alright - so another big highlight for me was...drumrolll.....the SEALS! Ah! I don't think I've ever seen a seal (or is it sea lion?) this close. S warned me that they stink pretty bad. I didn't smell a thing! I loved them! They were sunbathing on the rocks near the La Jolla cove, either oblivious to or completely ignoring their admirers (i.e. me). I liked the one who was kinda doing the upward dog/cobra yoga pose on the rocks. See it?!

Looking back on these pictures leaves me in disbelief a bit...where did this weekend go?! Was I even here?! And how can it be this warm? Californians, you've got it made.

ciao, xo