Hotel Del Coronado

Coronado is both glamorously opulent and small-town quaint. The hotel del Coronado is the famous touristy attraction, but surrounding the hotel and shops is a rather cute and quiet neighborhood. Houses have wraparound porches, wisteria vines, mailboxes and rose shrubbery - no sign whatsoever of a major hotel or (dare I say it?) shoobie crowds. 

So the hotel is hard to miss. It's white, pristine walls overlook a long stretch of beach. It must have been utterly beautiful, an architectural marvel, when it was built in 1888. It probably hasn't changed much in terms of looks - it is stunning and luxurious both on the inside and out. It sort of reminds me of other beautiful hotels, like The Grand Hotel  or the Grand Floridian.

The dramatic pointed red roof makes it iconic. Shayne and I meandered through the walkways - feeling half nosy, half snobby - throughout the cabanas, the clusters of well-groomed flowerbeds, and the well-stocked bar. Half of the hotel's cabana area was fenced off for the real guests, and even though we were passersby it was hard not to feel a little fancy. 

Note to self: watch

Some Like It Hot,

 starring Marilyn Monroe, filmed at the "Del" (aka Coronado).

Maybe someday we'll book a room! ciao! xo