the loveliest thanksgiving!

 he's home! home! home!

Thanksgiving this year was as simple as could be. No frills, no crazy snafus in the kitchen - just us decking the halls and patiently waiting the year's most awaited meal. Actually I couldn't wait and I snuck in to steal stuffing and turkey pieces quite frequently! I lurked around as we watched Trains, Planes and Automobiles (what a classic!) and set a fire in the fireplace early in the morning. It created such a sense of relaxation and coziness that is making me SO excited for the upcoming few weeks. I love seeing all the lights on the houses nearby, smelling the scent of pine, and imagining all the snow that will fall {hopefully a white Christmas!}

Undoubtedly the best part of Thanksgiving was that S came home! Seeing him and going on aimless drives, going to our favorite restaurant, and crossing things off our must do list was just so nice and even nourishing. One of my favorites moments was Black Friday - which could not have been less stressful. We went to a cozy little cafè and sipped coffee as its flurried outside..magical. Note to self: handle Black Friday the same way next year!

I've been so off the grid lately - my computer is acting up which I am pretty disappointed about. Last year I got a MacBook air and looooved it, no problems until now - the fan is acting up and I'm going to have to take it to the Apple store a second time - frustrating. I am hoping we can resolve it but it's this little worry in the back of my head...

Tomorrow we put S on a plane back for California but it will be a short trip back because he will arrive back home for Christmas in just a few weeks. I can't even explain how I am looking forward to this break! Four days off for Thanksgiving was absolutely perfect, I can't imagine how it will be topped!