Happy Monday!

I am feeling so refreshed after a busy but much needed weekend.

First thing is first...S is HOME! I am so happy. 

It has been the most FUN few days and I am really looking forward to what is next.

I guess I've forgotten how exciting this week prior to Thanksgiving is..

so many friends reunions, everyone is home, 

Starbucks red cups, unconventional work schedules, 

a (maybe too chilly) chill in the air, 

and of course the MEAL that is coming so so soon.

It is going to be amazing.

Some things I've been enjoying as of late (seen through my phone photos)...

heaping bundles of firewood and red apples,

shades of crimson everywhere,

giddiness to be with S, and of course braving the well-below average temperatures...

I cannot believe that this time next week it will be december. And then poof, 2014 is over.

Blows. my. mind.

ciao! happy monday! xo