Coffe Diaries | Rojo's Princeton

I am replaying this morning over. and over. and over. in my head. I am picturing in my head - trying my best to remember - every detail. The grey skies, the lightest hint of snow flurrying about our heads, the quiet atmosphere of the morning, before the rush. The cool and dark cafe which we chose for our morning cup couldn't have been better: Rojo's in Princeton. The person in line before us had to be a professor from the University. I am obviously judging by the cover here, but he could've been out of a book himself; buying his pound of coffee, heavy tweed coat, British accent, round tortoise-shell spectacles. Our eyes twinkled in delight. Even more so when my cortado appeared on the counter. My first one! And it was heavenly. A special thanks to the knowledgeable barista who explained what is was - half milk, half espresso. And the little heart!

I suppose it was so perfect because of the surroundings. The people I love most, the chilly wintry day. and this was Black Friday - one that I was expecting to be filled with crowds, stress, and agony! Honestly I wish every weekend had a morning like this built into it.

Rojo's Roastery 

33 Palmer Square West

Princeton, New Jersey

Notes from the coffee diary:

- absolutely delightful taste. first ever cortado.

- balance, light, 8 oz was 'just enough'

- atmosphere: small, quiet, perfect corner-nook on a slow day

- I prefer this location much, much more!

ps. I went to their other location in Lambertville last winter.

Check the post on it!

ciao, xo