Barnegat | Part Two

{we were treated to a full moon. lucky us}.

If I were a boy and if I lived by the sea I would crew a boat.  I am romanticizing and idealizing and fantasizing, but oh how wonderful it would be to learn how to dock a boat, tie a real fishermen's knot, prepare for a midnight voyage, slog around in rubber boots, and smell in that smell. I could hang out the marina for hours, finding something different (or the same) each time to pique my interest. I think the guys that were working on the docks thought I was a real weirdo because I kind of just lingered and photographed and sighed and had all of that sea-lust in my eyes.

Now. Onto some glories of the seashore.

One is the hydrangeas that simply, with beyond any doubt, thrive. There must be the perfect amount of sand in the earth and salt in the air. These bountiful plumes of pink and blue flourish and provide the most picturesque adornment to any cedar house.

Two: cedar. If I had a beach house, it would be sided with weathered cedar, with a bright front door, with a big white deck and big hydrangea bushes decorating the yard.

Three  is the linens and flax-colored fabrics that I would so wear, the clothes that are sold in charming little beach boutiques, that make so much sense at the time to wear, but only really work in that context.

Four is the fog.

Five is that never ending hour between four and seven, where the only thing you really need to do is take a shower, but the time luxuriously drags on and on. You may think, what's for dinner? Hmm, what should I do later? The rest of the day flies, but those comfortable hours inside when you've hosed off the salt and tan, are the slowest, thankfully.

see you in september. ciao, xo