I've been kind of bottled up on the blog lately because a big change has been approaching for me. I have known it for a while, but wasn't ready to really think about it let alone type, here, about it... I alluded to it  a few weeks ago, with storm of thoughts in my head somehow expressed in words. The big news that I have to adapt to is that S is moving to California. It is all happening really fast. He will be there for work, temporarily (phew!) but still - he's going to be there for a while.  And I will be here. I am so happy for him and the adventures he is going to have. And envious. And sad. because I can't go with him. And I am going to miss him, a lot. 

 It is just bad timing, with my obligations with work and things at home. As for now, it's just not in the stars. It's really frustrating, and I've gotten annoyed if I think about it, especially with that negative spin on it - but there are a lot of positive things that will come out of this change. The unknown is, as we all know, kind of intimidating - but there is something really alluring about it. I am curious but not worried. 

There are a lot of things I am thinking about - going through the long distance thing again, with the phone calls and face time, getting used to not seeing him. One thing I don't  want to do is focus on all of the weekends and occasions that I might now be alone. I'll never really be alone, though, and that's what I need to channel my focus into. There are really cool potentials that can come out of this, like traveling to visit him and adventures of the like. I can't wait to get there - I am planning a visit in the next few weeks, actually. Like I said, it's all happening so so fast. My first and foremost goal is to be a support system for him, because I know if it were me making the transition I would want that! And I can do that.  I am so unbelievably proud of S and his achievements, and I can't wait to add this interesting new chapter to our story - it's going to be a very different twist on things for us :)

If you have any words or advice, or if you're in a similar situation, let me know. Us long distance girlfriends gotta stick together! :) I have such a respect for the people that have done this for longer than I, and completely know from experience just how 'worth it' it all is. It's so worth it...and he's so worth it.

ciao, xo