scenes from the {year's longest} weekend

This weekend was the summer solstice! It was lovely. I have been feeling under the weather so I took a nice long nap, something I haven't done in


 I can feel just how close my freedom summer is - it's three days away. Only three more days of work, including today :) Taking these pictures made me realize how much I just love my camera and photography. There is something so brilliant and vibrant about taking pictures in the summer...I am ecstatic with the colors of these photos and just how they turned out.

Anyway, as you can tell this weekend was really quite delightful. Between my weird sleep schedule (thank you +5 hr naps) and getting work done for next weekend's big party, we had the chance to get out, run some errands, and see a spectacular sunset. We ventured to a first annual flea market by the river and it was really fun to see all the tents set up with their best things forward - I even met a lady that was born in Venice, and spoke with her in a little Italian (swoon!). I will be blogging more about the market soon, so check back :)

ciao! xo