Weekend Trip To The Sea

I was looking forward to this past saturday as our plan was to hop in the car with our coffee's to go and venture to the sea! Our mission was to find a place for us to stay this summer and I am happy to say our mission was accomplished. It did however entail many house visits, hours of checking out the  various beaches/houses, and of course the added perk of breathing in salty ocean air on a sunny day. It was still freezing cold out and most definitely wintry, but just the thought of me sitting on a rooftop deck taking in

that view

in just a few short months was so dreamy. I think I can, I think I can... :)

LBI is most definitely 'discovered' and quite a popular spot in the summer but I still love the scrubby raw pines in the wintertime. I wish I was a local. It becomes totally transformed in the summer but the off season still appeals me. There is something so quietly nice about seeing the year-rounders go about their lives even though all of the seasonal shops are closed up. This summer the first thing I am going to do is rent a bike and just poke around everywhere, nice and slow.

July cannot come soon enough! ciao, xo